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Our Cider

Current Ciders


Year Round

Appleanch is a semi-sweet cider. It's a clean, crisp and refreshing cider, with plenty of apple flavor. A nice balance of dry, and sweet, it's aimed to please on both ends of the cider spectrum.

Appleanch will bury you in apple flavor!


Year Round

Daybreak is our first session cider. This strawberry orange cider is lower in alcohol, and lighter in body. But is still packed full of flavor

Brighten your day

Fall/Winter Seasonal
Snow Day

Snow Day is a Chai Spiced cider. Using local caffeine free Chai Concentrate, Snow Day starts slightly dry, and finishes warm and spicy. This is a cider that'll help you get through the dark days, and the cold months.

Grab one on a cold day, warm up from the inside out.

Spring/Summer Seasonal
Hopical Breeze

Using Pink Guava, and Mosaic hops. We made Hopical Breeze the perfect cider for warm days in the Pacific Northwest. Hopical Breeze smells tropical, which leads in perfectly to its light body, with a citrusy, floral hop finish.

Stay outside, and feel the Hopical Breeze.

Past Ciders


Summer Seasonal 2018

Convergence was a cider made with Boysenberries, and Mt. Hood Hops. We paired the semi-tart boysenberries, with earthy and floral Mt. Hood hops. This created a nice, slightly dry and mellow cider, that's well balanced with fruit, and hops.

Convergence is the coming together of berries, and hops, for your enjoyment.